-Jord Watch- If you follow me on IG @trulyney you’ve probably already heard me refer to men’s fashion lately. As feminine as I tend to be, there’s a certain air of coolness menswear can add to even the “prettiest” outfit. I like to switch things up all the time and I’ve never been one to say to no a new accessory so a unisex wooden watch was exactly what I was looking for.


Let me start off by say this was not my shoot nor my idea. The photography genius Jose Beltran from Jose Studios is the mastermind behind this and many other imaginative shoots.

Today I'm not specifically talking fashion, but more on a topic I've lately become fond of. PHOTOGRAPHY.  This was the first time I got to shoot freely without a product/item to promote but more about telling a story in art itself. Jose's skills for photography start form his visions to working the camera to his impeccable editing skills. Here's a behind the scenes from what I'm calling our "Frosted Fashion" shoot where I was lucky enough to get some good pointers from him to share with you all.



Yes, totally out of my norm here, I’m talking fitness for once. Specifically Mint Body.

Mint body was introduced to me by my dear friend Melissa Moore AKA stylistafitness. She co-hosted this event for us group of girls to try, along with some incredible sponsors and businesses. This is one of the funnest work outs I’ve had in a long time. There was some good jumping, dancing, and tons of laughter so I actually don’t feel like it should even be called a workout at all. Until…next day happened and it reassured us all it was quite the workout in deed. Call it a fit party!


-Truly, Ney- Sometimes all it takes is a piece to make a statement. I’ve admitted on several occasions that, despite my reserved personality, I love statement pieces! Bold earrings? Yes please! Outrageous shoes? Duh! Chunky necklaces? Anytime! Hence this bright print jacket I kind of love right now. Plus the added embroidered details are an added bonus. Turning heads now!


-SKI essentials-

26 Jan 2017 7 Comments

-Truly, Ney- It’s the most wonderful cold, numbing my hands & ears, time of the year. Yes, even Arizonans are freezing their butts off this time around but you’ve already heard us complaining. Truth is, we’re babies when it comes to the cold weather, not to mention the snow. But don’t be fooled by our heat climate and blinding sun. We get snow too and we make the most of it. (at least some of us do)


-Black & Gold-

20 Dec 2016 9 Comments

-Black & Gold- When in doubt, wear black. It's a good rule of thumb we've all heard at some point and many probably follow. Throughout the years, my to go little black outfit has upgraded into black & gold. I'm sharing a few basic yet so on trend pieces to make even your safest outfit look like you've planned for it all season.


Seems like as the days go by the days become busier. In order to get through the day and make the most out of my time I've learned to schedule and organize better and that includes my outfits as well.  I've been on a routine lately of getting all my errands and  side job done before the weekend ends and to this I've created what I call my casual day uniform. Keeps me from overthinking and saving time but looking chic nonetheless. -Truly, Ney-


Boy am I excited to write about this dress. I love being right, I love getting compliments but most of all, I love proving people wrong.  And this little dress of mine I'm going to let it shine, stand out, and do all the talking. -Truly Ney-