Bring on the glitz, bring on the glam, but most importantly bring on the sparkle! Holiday parties have begun so it's time to get your sparkle on! -Truly, Ney-   -Truly, Ney-   -Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney-   When it comes to holidays and dress codes I don’t believe in rules, but it seems as though sparkles and sequins have become a MUST during the festivities especially when ringing in the New Year. So who am I to argue with a little sparkle that brings a smile to every girls face? This is my interpretation, or at least one idea to add pizzazz!! to your next dinner event. -Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney- I absolutely love mixing and matching, colors, patterns, highs & lows so for this occasion I decided to do just that. I've had my mind on feathers and sequins together for some time. When it came to putting the outfit together nothing seemed to balance out so nicely like denim did. I must’ve tried every flowy skirt, dress trouser, and leather pants but my Paige denim ripped jeans were the perfect pairing to the over embellished look. And since pretty much the whole month is full of holiday party and dinners, this is exactly what your jeans should look like.  Have fun with it.! -Truly, Ney- This is the time of year you can wear all the sequins, beading, feathers, all together and no one can say anything. Stay *EXTRA* my friends! Truly, -Ney


2017 is coming close to an end and as I look back at the roller coaster year this has been, one thing was definitely consistent. It was one hell of a wedding heavy year. I guess I've hit that stage in my life where almost everyone around me has found their eternal companion and chosen to celebrate their commitment with the people they love. Well, I've never felt more loved in my life, given I had about 10 wedding invitations this year alone. Me, being the enthusiast for any opportunity to dress up, I had some fun picking several different wedding guest dresses. And because none of these weddings were the same type, season, or venue I had a chance to pick a dress for each occasion. Well that and the fact that we can't be repeat offenders right? -Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney-


-Truly, Ney- -Truly, Ney-   I have dark, full, thick eyebrows and still got micro blading. Here’s why… Before I get into the whole spiel, truth is we are girls, we are beauty conscious, and we are particular. Also we are incredibly self aware, (thank you Instagram) and become more and more drawn to easiness and convenience (lazy). I am no exception and its okay. So really isn’t this the reason we get manis, lash extensions, and hair removal treatments? Is it that bad to want look effortlessly good all the time? I just literally want to “wake up like this”.


  -Truly Ney- -Truly, Ney- Arizona summers are crazy hot. So you can bet your SPF that our Arizona hotels have elevated the art of keeping cool. Whether you’re coming from far away or are in for a staycation, Mountain Shadows is the perfect way to chill in the desert nestled below Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain.


-Truly, Ney-

Erika Greene Photography

Being that I am only 30 minute drive from the Palomar downtown, it’s hard to believe it’s my first time staying here. When I was approached about doing a girls staycation at the Palomar I was instantly all in. And my first thought when arriving... Why did it take me so long?


-Truly Ney- Us girls sure love pretty flowers whether they’re a single rose, an extravagant bouquet, or a one of a kind center piece. They just light up the room and bring out our smiles. I have to be honest though, I don’t typically buy many flowers or plants for that matter, due to their short life spam. Turns out, I’ve been doing it wrong all along. After our floral workshop with the knowledgeable Paula from Bobbie’s Flowers, I learned how to make a gorgeous arrangement but most importantly make it last. Keep reading to see what I learned from the workshop.



Oh Morocco! Marrakech! Where do I begin? Certainly the most interesting experience I’ve lived. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to visit this enriching, culturally glorifying country and it finally happened. Three of my best girlfriends tagged along and made our trip so much worth the while. The stories, the laughs, and the outfits! Total sex and the city vacay. Goals accomplished!


-Jord Watch- If you follow me on IG @trulyney you’ve probably already heard me refer to men’s fashion lately. As feminine as I tend to be, there’s a certain air of coolness menswear can add to even the “prettiest” outfit. I like to switch things up all the time and I’ve never been one to say to no a new accessory so a unisex wooden watch was exactly what I was looking for.


Let me start off by say this was not my shoot nor my idea. The photography genius Jose Beltran from Jose Studios is the mastermind behind this and many other imaginative shoots.

Today I'm not specifically talking fashion, but more on a topic I've lately become fond of. PHOTOGRAPHY.  This was the first time I got to shoot freely without a product/item to promote but more about telling a story in art itself. Jose's skills for photography start form his visions to working the camera to his impeccable editing skills. Here's a behind the scenes from what I'm calling our "Frosted Fashion" shoot where I was lucky enough to get some good pointers from him to share with you all.



Yes, totally out of my norm here, I’m talking fitness for once. Specifically Mint Body.

Mint body was introduced to me by my dear friend Melissa Moore AKA stylistafitness. She co-hosted this event for us group of girls to try, along with some incredible sponsors and businesses. This is one of the funnest work outs I’ve had in a long time. There was some good jumping, dancing, and tons of laughter so I actually don’t feel like it should even be called a workout at all. Until…next day happened and it reassured us all it was quite the workout in deed. Call it a fit party!