As if 2020 wasn’t cursed enough. Would you believe if I say I dropped my straightener and the iron plates actually shattered to pieces? Of course you do. Everything goes in 2020. Anywaaay, I announced on my IG I was looking for recommendations for a new one so thank you all for your recs and comments. After careful consideration I did some research and landed on DNA Hairtools’ Infared Straightener.

1. Size & Shape

Straighteners vary in sizes so it’s important to know what works best for your hair and how you use it. I have fine thin hair so I don’t require a thicker straightener. Also, because I tend to use a straightener to both straighten and curl a thinner and rounder shape works best. I am able to get nice beach waves and/or get those annoying small hairs tamed.

2. Heat Settings

Have you ever traveled abroad where electric volt is so much higher and end up burning your hair tools? UGH! I’ve seen this has happened so many times to me and my friends so I make extra sure to buy devices where you can control the temperature. It’s also important to be able to control the temp depending on the day and weather. In times, you need to go a bit higher than others.

3. Titanium

After researching, (a lot) I found titanium is not necessarily better or worse than ceramic for thin hair. However, it is quicker to heat up and it does a better job with straightening with 1 pass. This is probably my first impression when I first used the Infared. Literally 1 pass and it gets the frizziest hairs in place. Note: for thinner hair like mine, temp should be lower than with a ceramic flat iron to avoid damage.

4. They are LOCAL!

With this year being so difficult for small businesses I’ve been focused on shopping small and especially shopping local. DNA Hairtools are native to Tucson AZ where my family currently resides so I was extra happy when I heard about them. I encourage you to check their website here or visit their Instagram here.

4 Reason why I chose DNA Hairtools straightening iron

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