Packing for Vegas Wedding with Ricardo Beverly Hills

“I love to pack!”… Said no one ever. Let’s face it, packing is hardly fun and never easy. Over the years of traveling, whether it be for business or pleasure, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks when it comes to packing efficiently. So when my sister announced she was getting married this year and […]

4 Reason why I chose DNA Hairtools straightening iron

As if 2020 wasn’t cursed enough. Would you believe if I say I dropped my straightener and the iron plates actually shattered to pieces? Of course you do. Everything goes in 2020. Anywaaay, I announced on my IG I was looking for recommendations for a new one so thank you all for your recs and […]

Beauty products I'm loving to help heal the dryness!

Quarantine has gotten us practicing new hobbies and discovering unknown talents. From cooking, painting, and of course new Tiktok moves. My new obsession? All of the above and a new respect for skincare. Although my hair and nails have suffered from closed salon, I have been devoted to my hair and skin routine. I’ve done […]

-Holiday Sparkle-

Bring on the glitz, bring on the glam, but most importantly bring on the sparkle! Holiday parties have begun so it’s time to get your sparkle on!

-What to wear to any kind of wedding-

2017 is coming close to an end and as I look back at the roller coaster year this has been, one thing was definitely consistent. It was one hell of a wedding heavy year. I guess I’ve hit that stage in my life where almost everyone around me has found their eternal companion and chosen […]

– Microblading… what you should know ft. Finespun-

  I have dark, full, thick eyebrows and still got micro blading. Here’s why… Before I get into the whole spiel, truth is we are girls, we are beauty conscious, and we are particular. Also we are incredibly self aware, (thank you Instagram) and become more and more drawn to easiness and convenience (lazy). I […]