Quarantine has gotten us practicing new hobbies and discovering unknown talents. From cooking, painting, and of course new Tiktok moves. My new obsession? All of the above and a new respect for skincare. Although my hair and nails have suffered from closed salon, I have been devoted to my hair and skin routine. I’ve done all the research and tested many new products. Here’s what I’ve been using, testing and loving. Reminder: All products are tested, none are sponsored.

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Caudalie Vine Overnight Detox Oil

AKA: my life changer! I’ve always had combination skin but lately my skin is experiencing more dryness than usual so I know I needed help. I’ve been skeptical about face oils thinking they might make me break out or make my face waaay to shiny. But OMG I am obsessed with this product and I don’t know why I took so long to try. My face has been nice dewy and glowing after just a few days of using. Skin looks so hydrated, even my pores appear smaller.

Caudalie Vine Overnight Detox Oil

Super Goop Zinscreen

This might be the product I have spent the most research on. I blame part of my dryness on tough sunscreens. I’ve been wearing sunscreen everyday since I was 11 after seeing a dermatologist. I used to wear a prescribed version, then started using organic products and all had one thing in common. ZINC OXIDE. I can’t stress this enough, Zinc oxide is a must ingredient if you want real protection from both UVB and UVA rays. This is the one thing I have heard from multiple dermatologist so when I was in the market for a new sunscreen, I knew it had to contain the zinc. There are so many zinc sunscreens out there now but I chose this over the other for the following reasons. 1. Clean ingredients. This product is vegan, gluten and cruelty free. 2. It’s lightweight and great for all skin types. Texture is not rough or white like others than have made my skin dry. 3. It has a nice tint so I’ve been able replace my tinted moisturizer and face looks nice and even while being protected my the sun. Honestly, this one is the BEST I’ve found.

Supergoop Zincscreen

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

Speaking of dryness, my hair is no exception. I’m in Arizona so although my hair is naturally oily, using hair oils has made my hair looked more nourished and kept healthier longer. “It’s like fighting fire with fire”. Words my stylist said when strongly recommended I start using one. This little bottle is on the more expensive side so I recommend starting with the travel size to try first. This is the reason my ends look decent and healthy after going 5 month without a haircut. Yikes! It’s been that long.

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil

Tanologist Face and Body Drops

I love laying out by the sun and getting my Vitamin D but when it comes to my face I’m quite strict about protecting it. I have a tendency for freckles and dark spots. Now that I’m approaching 30 I’m all about anti-wrinkle everything so tanning my face in the sun is not an option for me. I use 2 drops of Tanologist (medium tone) in with my moisturizer. Mix in hand and then apply to your face and neck. I do this about 3 times a week and my face looks naturally bronzed and tan. It’s honestly the most natural look I’ve found. No awkward orange hues or ugly streaks.

Tanologist Face and Body

Glossier Serum Future Dew Oil

You’ve probably seen this everywhere and there’s a reason for it. Its Glow in a bottle! I don’t use this everyday since I switch between the matte and dewy look but I am loving this for the summer. I use this serum in the morning, apply mascara some bronzer and tinted coral lips and I’ve got the ultimate summer beach look.

Glossier Futuredew Serum

Beauty products I'm loving to help heal the dryness!

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