This weekend I took a trip to the historical town of Bisbee Arizona for some business, although I can go there for pleasure anytime. I absolutely love it’s vintage feel and have always wanted to do a shoot there so I killed two birds with one stone and finally got my shots on the famous Lowell Street.


Bisbee Arizona, was recently voted #1 historic town in the U.S. and if you’ve been there you know exactly why. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. I visited a few other small towns before and I definitely have a soft spot for these tiny yet so interesting towns.These towns are commonly called “ghost towns” and like any of these old old places, there’s the ghost legends and even ghosts tours, but I honestly think Bisbee is everything but. The town is so alive and full of excitement I’ve never seen it when it’s not packed.


-Crop Top-

-Vintage Books-

-Crop Top_

The musics, the art, and oooooh the food! I’ve shopped the most unique art pieces, heard the best saxophone players and have traveled many time just to eat. And I’m not talking fancy dinner or a lovely breakfast (which they are soo good and worth the trip) I’m talking even a local homemade fudge. Maybe it’s the vibe and the people that make it so magical but I wouldn’t change a thing.



Okay so my hometown is 30 minutes away so I guess I’m also biased. When I talk about Bisbee I catch myself speaking nostalgically and reminiscing like I’m talking about where I grew up. Now, let me share a little bit of history behind this amazing little town of mine. The biggest difference between Bisbee and those other small historical towns is one, the mines. Two, the residents.



-Crop Top-


During the 60s Bisbee’s real estate market collapsed and hundreds of homes went for sale. Californians elite sent the rebellious children (now known as the hippies) to Bisbee Arizona to work the copper mines and many hippies moved there to retire. That’s why Bisbee as oppose to those other small towns, is pretty wealthy. I mean there was a rumor that Johnny Depp had a vacation home there once. #justsayin

-Crop Top-

-Ripped Jeans-

-Vintage Pepsi-

To go with the theme I decided denim was the way to go. Denim first came around in the 60s during the hippie movement. Distressed denim and denim on denim is huge right now so I thought this would be the perfect place to showcase it with this off the shoulder crop top. And these distressed denim jeans that make for the perfect casual laid back look.

-Strappy Sandals-


I also found these adorable mid chunky heel sandals with lace up straps in copper. Notice the metallic copper heel. Bisbee appropriate right?



-Denim on Denim-
So I hope I’ve encouraged you all to meet this lovely town or visit again and learn, shop, dance, and eat!






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