My boobs are fake. Surprised?!

That’s right, the twins are over 4 years old so chances are you’ve seen me and it never crossed your mind. Why? It’s more than just going conservative on size. Today I dive in on one of the best decisions of my life and everything you should know before you do it too. EVERYTHING!

  1. Do it for yourself

First and foremost, NO ONE should have a say but YOU! If you’re like me and pretty much every small breasted girl, you’ve considered the idea of getting a boob job too. To me, it was never a “should I?” but more of a “when I”. After spending my entire teen years and then some, four years ago I decided to finally undergo a breast enhancement. Yes, of course it was an insecurity. I couldn’t even fill an A cup! However, I knew that the decision was for me and only me. It was not to please any men or impress any girls. I’ve always supported the idea of wanting to improve your image and as long as it’s done carefully, you do you girl!


I can’t say this enough.  As helpful as bringing in images of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tatas to your surgeon might be, they’re not magicians and will probably not end up identical. The truth is, it is a breast augmentation. Literally just that.  Not a reconstruction. So if your chest is higher, your boobs will be in the same position making you look a bit bustier. If there’s a bigger gap between them (the divorcees as they call em), there’s likely to still be some gap depending on how big you go. Here’s a better example my surgeon pointed out. If he were to have placed the silicones closer together, my nipples would end up pointing outwards and awkwardly unnatural. In my case, my natural breast were very separated so although I’m technically now a D cup, I still don’t have that striking cleavage. It’s important to know that the way your natural breasts (and nipples) are, the same way they will look. Just bigger! That’s a big reason why no one can really tell I have fakies. However, I have side boob to kill for 🙂

3. Cup size is just a number & consult many surgeons

Don’t let cup sizes intimidate you. When I had my first consultation I brought pictures and explained what I wanted them to look like. The doctor showed me examples of previous clients with the same size (negative A!) that went as big as he was suggesting I’d go (C cup). Some looked great, and some looked too big. For some reason a C cup sounded way to busty for me so I left feeling confused and discouraged. I decided to get a different opinion from Dr. Todd Case who explained exactly why cup sizes can be so misleading. First off, a B cup means a different size to different brands and stores so it’s not a reliable way to measure. Second, they’re many measurements that fall into a certain cup category. Third, your right boob and your left boob are most likely not the same size. So instead your doctor should explain the number/quantity that will be inserted into each one. What was really helpful to me is that he actually had me try on sizes underneath an unpadded bra and blouse. That way I got a better feel for what I felt comfortable in. For a good point of reference the average size chose is 325. I went with 285 and in the end I measured into D cups. haha I know, C’s don’t sound that scary after all.

4. Saline or Silicone? 

Aaah the details! Like I mentioned above, I went for silicone. Mainly because I like them to be nice perky and round but also because my breast are a bit lower.  I thought silicone-gel would feel more natural than saline. This is strictly preference. Although there is a slight cost difference between the two (silicone is more expensive) the fear of one popping and dying is a myth. Know that they’re both safe choices even if your partner is really handsy 😉 Note:  per FDA, you must be 22 years or older for silicone-gel implants

5. Over or under? Incision?

Although the material is strictly up to you, I do have to suggest you go under the muscle. Not only is it easier to see ripples after some time when it’s on top but it is also safer. When they perform a mammogram on your breast, it is easier to see when the implant is underneath. I’m sure scientists and engineers are working on creating more advanced technology, but until then I’d say better safe than sorry. As for the incision, again all your preference. I went for underboob. My doctor suggested underboob or armpit for me but I figured underneath would be less visible. Although the nipple could be the least visible, some have lost all or some sensitivity. Also, because I decided on silicone, the size of my nipples would have made it very difficult if not impossible to insert. When implants are saline, they insert the empty shell first and fill up with saline once the implant is inside. Crazy I know. Wanna hear crazier? Another option is through the belly button. Not too sure how well that works but it could be a bit more complicated so please consult your doctor about it first. I mean…Duh!

6. Rock em!

Like any procedure, you will be swollen right after so don’t be appalled. My advice is to rock the really busty look while you can. It takes a minute to get used to the look and the feeling but it’s so exciting. I remember smiling every time I got a glimpse of them. The instant boost of confidence had be holding my head up really high. Only time my head is down is to admire the twins.

I decided to finally write about this as I receive many many questions after I fill them into my secret. Although it’s no secret because I love talking about them and how they changed my life for the better. If you decide to pay my doctor a visit, find his website here and use my name as reference for a discount 😉 Leave a comment here if you found this helpful or have any questions. 

P.S. Breast implants have no correlation to the inability to breast feeding. Yup, my mother made sure to ask my doctor. (insert shame emoji here)

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