Let me start off by say this was not my shoot nor my idea. The photography genius Jose Beltran from Jose Studios is the mastermind behind this and many other imaginative shoots.

Today I’m not specifically talking fashion, but more on a topic I’ve lately become fond of. PHOTOGRAPHY.  This was the first time I got to shoot freely without a product/item to promote but more about telling a story in art itself. Jose’s skills for photography start form his visions to working the camera to his impeccable editing skills. Here’s a behind the scenes from what I’m calling our “Frosted Fashion” shoot where I was lucky enough to get some good pointers from him to share with you all.


-Frosted Fashion-

Back in January, I had a spontaneous opportunity to shoot some photos with photographer Jose Beltran. I was familiar with his work but we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet. Due to mutual friends and fortunate schedules we connected via Social media and the next day he called. He talked to me about a vision, story if you will, of a photoshoot he had in mind and asked me to be a part of. Me being a fan of his work, I agreed without hesitation.


-Frosted Fashion-

During the photoshoot, I also got the opportunity to talk with Jose about the process of shooting photos for fashion. It was fascinating to be able to learn so much from the shoot, and was able to talk photography, ideas, and social media.

-Frosted Fashion-



-Frosted Fashion-

I loved being able to help tell the story of this photo shoot from beginning to end. It takes a lot of work to make a photo shoot like this happen, but in our case, we agreed, improvised and jumped straight at it.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from this photo shoot.

-Frosted Fashion-

-Frosted Fashion-

Truly Ney: Introduce yourself


Jose Beltran: Hello, my name is José Humberto Beltrán.  I was born in Guaymas Sonora Mexico.  Its a nice little town near the beach with great people and beautiful landscapes.  I became an artist, or got into the art field, since I was 3 years old.  Drawing was my first method of creating art.  I did this until I was 22ish.  By this time, I was already drawing and painting with most mediums such as acrylics, oils, chucks, pens and etc.  Some of my work has been presented in museums and has come out in newspapers and so.


TN: Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer?


JB: Now, I got in to photography about 7 years ago.  I had never wanted to become a photographer nor did it ever crossed my mind.  I wanted to become an architect, because I love to draw and I love math.


TN: What is your favorite type of photography?


JB: My favorite kind of photography, ammm!  I don’t really have a favorite type of photography.  I am always evolving.  I like everything.


TN: What tools or kit are invaluable to the modern day photographer?


JB: In today’s market, anything you can get your hands on is good.  You need to take advantage of opportunities that arise or come your way.  A good tool is, taking advantage of social media.  Its free and the only thing is learning how to use it and how to apply it.  Get involved with the community.  Interact with people.  If it means spending a little extra money, do it.  Yes, you have to work and work hard, there is no way around that.  Be patient, be very patient and always have a positive attitude.


TN: What are your external influences, and where do you find your inspiration?


JB: My external influences are other artist, in all kinds and of course, specially photographers.  I admire some photographers for their business skills, others, for their talent and etc.  I find inspiration from everywhere and anything, I see something and think what message do I want to convey and then work on the details.


TN: Do you find social media to be a threat or useful tool for photographers nowadays?


JB: Social media can be great tool to use.  However, if you don’t use it accordingly it can destroy you.  A good tip:  Look at what other professionals are doing with their social media.  Does yours look like them?  If not, then, what are you waiting for?… Work!!!


TN: Tell us something we don’t know about you. Fun facts?


JB: When I was 18 I started teaching my self how to play the guitar, and haven’t stopped.

-Frosted Fashion-


At the end of the day our feet and hands were numb from the cold only to find we had two successful shots.  Well, according to Jose’ standards (true perfectionist) but regardless, I’d do it again. It’s only left us wanting more. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll be hanging off a cliff or going underwater. Do it for he shot right? 😉


Hair by: Lindsey Bridges

Special Shoutout to Lauren Galvez and her assistant Lola for assisting in the making of this shoot. Lol!

-BTS: Frosted Fashion with Jose Studios-

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