Boobie Talk ft. Skarlett Blue Lingerie

My boobs are fake. Surprised?! That’s right, the twins are over 4 years old so chances are you’ve seen me and it never crossed your mind. Why? It’s more than just going conservative on size. Today I dive in on one of the best decisions of my life and everything you should know before you […]

– Microblading… what you should know ft. Finespun-

  I have dark, full, thick eyebrows and still got micro blading. Here’s why… Before I get into the whole spiel, truth is we are girls, we are beauty conscious, and we are particular. Also we are incredibly self aware, (thank you Instagram) and become more and more drawn to easiness and convenience (lazy). I […]

-SKI essentials-

It’s the most wonderful cold, numbing my hands & ears, time of the year. Yes, even Arizonans are freezing their butts off this time around but you’ve already heard us complaining. Truth is, we’re babies when it comes to the cold weather, not to mention the snow. But don’t be fooled by our heat climate […]

-The Lob-

If you’re a woman with long hair (Latinas I’m especially talking to you), I’m going to assume you’ve thought of chopping your long locks at least once in your life. Maybe you were brave and actually did it or maybe it was only a thought. If this is something you’re actually considering but are afraid […]