-Holiday Sparkle-

Bring on the glitz, bring on the glam, but most importantly bring on the sparkle! Holiday parties have begun so it’s time to get your sparkle on!    

-What to wear to any kind of wedding-

2017 is coming close to an end and as I look back at the roller coaster year this has been, one thing was definitely consistent. It was one hell of a wedding heavy year. I guess I’ve hit that stage in my life where almost everyone around me has found their eternal companion and chosen […]

-Jord Watch Giveaway-

If you follow me on IG @trulyney you’ve probably already heard me refer to men’s fashion lately. As feminine as I tend to be, there’s a certain air of coolness menswear can add to even the “prettiest” outfit. I like to switch things up all the time and I’ve never been one to say to […]

-Standing out in Outerwear-

Sometimes all it takes is a piece to make a statement. I’ve admitted on several occasions that, despite my reserved personality, I love statement pieces! Bold earrings? Yes please! Outrageous shoes? Duh! Chunky necklaces? Anytime! Hence this bright print jacket I kind of love right now. Plus the added embroidered details are an added bonus. […]

-LBD with a Twist-

Every girl owns a little black dress. Am I right? If you don’t, I strongly suggest you go buy yourself one… like NOW. Or two! Or better yet, here’s an option for you.

-Black & Gold-

When in doubt, wear black. It’s a good rule of thumb we’ve all heard at some point and many probably follow. Throughout the years, my to go little black outfit has upgraded into black & gold. I’m sharing a few basic yet so on trend pieces to make even your safest outfit look like you’ve […]