Stop wearing your clothes only once!

Yesssss! I’m so happy to be doing this new column of closet rewind on Truly Ney where I will be bringing back some pieces I love and styling them in an entirely new way. I did a poll last week on IG about this idea and for the first time ever EVERYONE answered the same… ABSOLUTELY!

First up, this gorgeous bordeaux colored leather top is from BCBG Max Azria. I fell in love when I saw and new I wanted to wear it as an all leather outfit. I’ve had this baby in my closet since 2017 wore it to Fashion week and never wore it again. But guess who’s back?

I very frequently clean out my closet and this last time I realized I still wasn’t ready to let go of this top. This is probably where the idea occurred. I thought would I wear this again and how would I wear it if I did? Then, I reached for my big cuff button down shirt for a layered style and voila! It looked entirely different.

IT’s ridiculous how much we spend on clothes and never wear them again. Let’s change this habit. Let’s get more creative and style our finds in fresh ways. Let’s be proud of renovating our looks instead of tossing and buying more one time items. Who’s with me?

I wore this top over a leather skirt last time so I opted for pants instead. Houndstooth pants to be exact for a bit of texture and contrast. Then I decided pointy pumps would compliment the baggier style of the pants best. Love mixing masculine style garments with feminine ones. Perfect balance!

And there you have it. My first Closet Rewind #ontheblog. Hope you get inspired to look at your pieces with new eyes. When in doubt just mix and try. Keep following for more ideas. I’ll be posting rewinds bi-weekly so let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to see my wear again.

Closet Rewind: Leather Top

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