-Truly Ney-

Father’s day is next week but I bet many of you are still looking for the right gift for the dads in your life. Now, being a dad doesn’t make them all the same. I’ve seen some pretty cool things out there, but unfortunately, I know my dad would never use. So I decided to share some ideas with you. And because not all men are the same (many might disagree lol) I’m breaking it down between the working dad, the tech dad, and the fun dad. Maybe your dad is one or the other, or possibly all three, but here’s hoping you’ll find something so special he’ll appreciate and favorite you over your siblings 😉


-Truly Ney-

1.  The Navdy– This might not be the best last mixture gift and you have to preorder but it’s too cool not to talk about. Perfect for the guys who are constantly on the road and on the phone. This will keep them multitasking in the safest way.

2. The Lens– Phone cameras are getting better by the minute, but for those guys with a love for photos, this lens can give their images a little extra and better angles without carrying their ginormous camera. Great for vacations too!

3. The Suitcase– Any tech would looove this! It has bluetooth, speaker, scale, usb ports, and its Carry on! I mean this is the future of travel people.

4.The Key finder– Absolutely love these! You ever seen your dad or guy running late to work looking around the house for their keys like crazy? Ring a bell? These key are connected to your phone via an app so you can track your keys any time.

-Truly Ney-

1. The Blazer– Either the dad in your life wears these all the time or hardly ever. Regardless you know every guy should have a good summer blazer in their closet. Think of it as the little black dress equivalent. Do them a favor and get it for them before the next summer party and they’re stress shopping at the last minute.

2. The Watch– Every guy on earth probably already owns at least one watch and that’s because they’re worn daily. Exactly my point. Because these are an everyday accessory, you can never have too many. Get him a sleek leather strap watch to wear to work or casual setting. Very on trend!

3. The Briefcase– Oh, if the guys in your life run through briefcases like mine, he’s probably updating his breiface like you update your social media feed. If his briefcase is on the end of the cycle, this Tumi leather is good quality, durable, and very good looking!

4.The tie Case– For the constant traveler, give em a hand and  get them this leather pack case will you? This will keep them for ruining that beautiful tie you got him last Christmas or birthday. -Truly Ney-

1. The Griller – This is perfect for the dad who loves to grill and go on picnics and camping. It’s a compact grill briefcase great for the urban dad who doesn’t have a patio space.

2. The Glove– So maybe not all dads are like mine who are OBSESSED with baseball. But for those who’s dads re, have him play in style with this Coach leather glove. Baller!

3. The Blaze– By now most dads or just about anyone probably already owns a fitbit. Get them this leather accessory band to keep them styling while still keeping up with their steps.

4. The IHOme– Last but not least this IHOme takes the win. Okay so this might be suitable for more than just dads. (talking about myself here) We see waterproof speakers everywhere now, but have you heard of a fillable speaker before? Yup, it’s a speaker and flask in one. I know you want one too!




-Father’s Day Picks-

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