12Welcome to my blog. I’m happy to finally share my interests with all you fashion lovers and creatives like myself.  As an introduction  I decided to provide a few details about myself and my blog. Follow along if you’re up to educating yourself more on the fashion, the emerging fashion world, or find the best of what locals here in Phoenix offer. Read more for some fun facts>>>

Here are a few fun facts about myself and my blog:

Name: Neyda Melina Padilla. Yes, I usually go by my first and middle names only.




Why blogging? I’ve been following blogs for years and love everything about them. After much encouragement and many years of planning I decided… Why not? It’s my own creative journal where I get to share my ideas with others and a place to store life memories.



Expect to find: Aside from outfits and shoppable garments, I like to share a little more knowledge about fashion. Everything from knowing how to shop to current events and trends that affect the fashion world and business.

What are you most comfortable wearing? Flowy skirts and pointy killer shoes!


Describe your style: Clean, classic, and accessorized. I aim to achieve a polished look so overall very feminine.

Quote: I have too many but in my journey of creating this blog, “Over prepare, then go with the flow.”


I’m social, really! Find me on instagram, twitter, pinterest and more.



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