The holidays look really different this year but by now I think we’ve all adjusted to the current situation of small groups and loungewear. However, I’m still looking forward to the festivities, the big meals, possible glam outfits and some good irresistible wine. In my world, just because we have to cut back on the crowds doesn’t mean we have to cut back on the amazing dishes and wine. So on that note, how is the wine list looking?

If you’re anything like my family (by family I mean Mexican Americans who cook American holiday food along with tamales, pozole and lots and lots of booze) you have to have a wine that teases, flirts and captivates all our dishes’ key notes. Enter new found fave, Knotty Vines Chardonnay.

It’s the holidays and the first thing I’m picking up is a good bottle of Chard. Knotty Vines Chardonnay to be exact. Whether you’re “knotty” or nice everyone deserves a taste of its electric notes and smooth finishes. Each sip of this Chardonnay teases peach and green apple, tantalizes bites of acidic tropical flavors, and finishes with a touch of rich and creamy vanilla. Trust me, you’ll want to serve this one spine-chilling. Are you curious yet?

You’re intrigued aren’t you? I can tell. As much as I love a sparkling wine such as Champagne or Prosecco, I can only have a glass or two before I’m prosecco’d out. White wine is my typical go to but Chardonnay, oh Chardonnay is perfect because it goes year round. I have it with my buttered seafood in the summers and with my sweet ham and butternut squash in the winter. You want more? Knotty Vines know exactly how to please my palate and my wallet. The affordable price range allows me to pick up two bottles, three bottles, or as many as my naughty heart desires 😉

It’s no secret Chardonnay is the most popular white wine in the world, and it’s no surprise. We all give in to it’s soft tannins but Knotty Vines will win you over. It’s flaunting of vibrant peaches and green apples, followed by a lively acidity and a rich, creamy vanilla finish are very attractive to each taste bud. Oh and can we talk about it’s edgy packaging please? You guys know how much of a branding sucker I am and I fell in love (or lust) with it’s bottle image and brand. AwestrucK!

So, this holiday season I will be embracing my Knotty side. Will you?