Yes, totally out of my norm here, I’m talking fitness for once. Specifically Mint Body.

Mint body was introduced to me by my dear friend Melissa Moore AKA stylistafitness. She co-hosted this event for us group of girls to try, along with some incredible sponsors and businesses. This is one of the funnest work outs I’ve had in a long time. There was some good jumping, dancing, and tons of laughter so I actually don’t feel like it should even be called a workout at all. Until…next day happened and it reassured us all it was quite the workout in deed. Call it a fit party!










The day started out with some stretching, jumping jacks to get the heart beat going, and then it was on! We did a blend of core and lower body exercise with some resistance bands that I’m convinced I NEED to get for myself. They are amazing! Of course I blame my fun blogger babes for part of the core soreness after all the laughs but Miss Caitlin Smith is truly the one to thank for. Part of the reason why I was so happy with the workout was the vibe the trainer and Mint Body provide. Working out can be tough sometimes, which is why motivation is key. Put simply, Mint Body is a positive happy place to with a feel good look good mentality.








But because I’m no fitness/workout guru I thought I’d leave it to the expert to share some knowledge, tips, and advice. Caitlin is not only a dedicated trainer but beautiful l inside and out. Before I met her I was already fascinated by her positivity, gorgeous smile, and mouth watering food pics on her Instagram (she overloads on salsa too) haha

I’ll stop now and let you see for yourself. Read our Q&A below with the fitness queen to let her charm your way into Mint Body too. You’re Welcome! 😉


Caitlin Smith


Truly Ney : Introduce yourself

Caitlin Smith: Hi babes, I’m Caitlin! I’m an Arizona native, bulletproof coffee connoisseur, and rock the athleisure trend more often than what’s probably socially acceptable! 😉 I’ve turned my own journey and passion for self-love, fitness, and whole-food nutrition into a dreamy full time gig through personal training and nutrition coaching. There is honestly nothing more fulfilling and exciting to me than helping women love their bodies through strength and nourishment. It’s the heartbeat behind everything I do and goes so much deeper than just helping someone reach a weight loss goal or chisel out a perfect six-pack!



TN: How Did You Get Into Training?

CS: I was always someone who couldn’t connect to a workout regimen. I tried big group classes with girlfriends, being a “cardio-bunny” (basically hopping on a treadmill for 30 minutes, wandering around the gym aimlessly, and going home defeated), and everything in between. Nothing ever impacted me on a deeper level until I started strength training one-on-one with my boyfriend who is a personal trainer and NSCA strength coach. He designed a plan based on my own personal goals and body. Through consistency and dedication, I became strong for the first time in my life, and after the strength came, so did the physical results. I loved how hard I had to work for those results and how strong I felt in my everyday life and knew I had to help other women feel this way because, damn, does it feel good! I pursued my own personal training certification through NASM, found Mint Body via Instagram, knew I had to be a part of the team, and the rest is history!



TN: The Most Important Thing When You’re Training Someone?

CS: Every trainer is different but when I’m training clients one-on-one, the most important thing I’ve found is to help them love the process through positivity. A lot of women are nervous or embarrassed when they first start training. They think they’re going to be judged because honestly, that’s kind of the norm for us. A lot of us are our own biggest critics because of the pressure society can put on us to look a certain way or fill a certain role. I don’t yell or criticize my clients. I love to positively encourage them when they’re doing something right, help them fix their form when they’re doing something incorrectly, and push them to keep going when they think they can’t (but I know they can). I remind them of how far they’ve come from when they first started and never beat them up when they’ve had an over-indulgent weekend. I never want to associate negative feelings when it comes to working out or eating nourishing foods because if the end goal is to make this a lifestyle, you have to fall in love with it in order for it to succeed long term.



TN: Tell Us about Mint Body and Their Purpose

CS: Mint Body is a boutique fitness studio known for our non-intimidating vibe and lifestyle personal training. We have one location in Gilbert and one in Arcadia, where I teach. We specialize in one-on-one training and small groups to ensure everyone is reaching their desired results and getting the attention they need in order to correct form and ensure safety. My favorite part, and what initially drew me into Mint Body, is that nearly all of our packages also come with customized meal plans and workout schedules outside of the gym. The goal here is to help teach every client how to see results through a happy, healthy, lifestyle, not some quick fit that will only produce short-term results. Because we’re a smaller studio, all of our clients feel more like family and friends than anything else. Mamas bring in their kiddos so we really get to know the entire family in most cases. It’s pretty unique and wonderful in that way and I couldn’t be happier to be there!



TN: So you have a killer body (that booty) lol. Do you have a favorite area to work out?

CS: Haha, seriously dying over “that booty”! (Insert all of the crying face emojis here.) And also, thank you so much for the compliment! I think it’s safe to say glutes are my favorite. Amazon yourself some mini-resistance bands immediately and thank me later! But honestly, I go through phases. My upper body strength was so weak when I initially started so some days it is fun to see how strong I am now. Other days I want to squat until I can’t feel my buns. You use a lot more energy during lower body workouts so I always feel stronger (and hungrier, lol) afterwards so it’ll probably always be my original favorite for that reason alone. More energy burned = more food required to produce more fuel so it’s a win-win for me!


TN: If Someone Wants To Work Their Glutes and Stay Lean, What Do You Recommend? 

CS: I’ll start by saying everybody’s bodies are different. There are rules that can be applied to everyone, but depending on your body, you may have to adjust accordingly. One standard rule is that muscle burns fat. So as you start working out, losing body fat, and gaining muscle, your body will start to burn more fat. The goal of course is to teach our bodies to burn fat as fuel, not muscle. So, and this may come as a surprise to some, strength training and working your way up to lift heavy, will actually allow your body to build muscle, burn fat, and lean out. Two great exercises for glutes would of course include the squat and a deadlift. Start light, work your way up, or work with a trainer that can help you with these because both require the correct form, especially as you lift heavier. That’s only about 20% of the work though. The other 80%? Food. If you’re fueling your body with higher protein, healthy fats, real foods, lots of water, sustainable carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc) and cutting wayyyyy back on alcohol, sugar, sodium, and inflammatory foods, your body is going to lean out because it’s using everything as fuel instead of slowing it down, retaining water, etc. And of course, everyone’s favorite answer, consistency. Zzzz, boring, I know, but it’s the truth!



TN: Any Exercises for Glutes That Won’t Overwork Your Quads?

CS: That’s a toughy because you’ll be engaging your quads in nearly every exercise that also engages the glutes and hamstrings. Buuuuut, if you’re trying to switch it up from squats (which engage the quads quite a bit) try deadlifts, glute bridges, and a few different mini-resistance band exercises like monster walks, lateral walks, and fire hydrants. These will all really target different areas on your glutes to lift, firm, and tone in all the right spots!



TN: What’s A Regular Eating Day for You?

CS: I start every morning with bulletproof coffee, which I’m beyond obsessed with. I can’t eat breakfast first thing so this is the perfect way to give my body some fuel, caffeine, and puts it directly into fat burning mode through the use of healthy fats from the bulletproof so it’s a win-win for me. I normally head straight to work and chug a couple bottles of water from my Swell bottle while I’m there. I normally have time to work out, go home, and eat at that point around 11 or 12 so I’ll have a regular breakfast. It’s always one pasture raised egg with sautéed greens (dandelion, kale, and mustard greens), half of an avocado, hot sauce or kimchi, and I’ll either top it on a piece of sprouted bread or in a bowl with quinoa. I’ll head back to work afterwards and normally bring a protein bar with me (RX, Macrobar, or Perfect Bar), lots more water, and sometimes an iced coffee or matcha latte if I had to get up at 4:30am that morning. When I get home for dinner I cook up some sort of protein (sometimes that’s meat and sometimes it’s plant based) with a little sweet potato, butternut squash, zucchini noodles, or cauliflower rice, and a side of greens either in the form of a kale salad, roasted brussel sprouts, etc. I end every night with a cup of hot tea with a big square of 85-100% dark chocolate topped with a teaspoon or so of toasted coconut butter on the side. Depending on my workout, I’ll be much hungrier than that and will snack along the way. It’s so important to stay in tune with your body so I don’t count calories or macros anymore, I just listen to when I’m hungry and shut it down as soon as I’m full.



TN: Best Snack Ever?

CS: Sounds weird, but hear me out. Slice up a sweet potato, toss with coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt, cinnamon, and garlic and roast at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes. You want them to be nice and toasty little circles so you can flip them about halfway through. Once they’re done and cooled I top mine with a spoonful of Siggi’s plain, unflavored yogurt and another smaller spoonful of toasted coconut butter (or peanut/almond butter). It’s the perfect combination of protein, healthy fats, and sustainable carbs and the flavor combo is out of this world good. I promise!



TN: Any Other Tips/Tricks?

CS: When you’re focusing on a health goal, stop thinking about how you’ll look and really zone in on how you’ll feel. Stronger? Sexier? Happier? More energetic? Whatever it may be for you, direct all of your attention to that feeling and it will be so much easier to stick with it. Plus, stress causes your body to hold onto fat for dear life, so you need to let it go ASAP. And don’t you dare beat yourself up for an occasional indulgent weekend with family or friends. Look back at those experiences and cherish them, don’t guilt-trip yourself. Your consistency will keep you on track so stay disciplined 80% of the time but don’t forget to enjoy a happy hour, family vacation, or girl’s night out. You deserve it!




Photography by: ZOA



Huge thank you to sponsors Gym X Time  Original Chopshop  Zing Bars  core Usana for the donations, and of course my blogger babes for a fun time!



-Mint Body Workout with Caitlin Smith-

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