Never have had I ever, thought of wearing overalls or mixing prints before, but the rebel side of me took over and not only did I overcome my “rules of style” but I did it all in the same outfit. I know, Badass!!


I once heard Alexa Chung say “Never say never in fashion casue you’ll be wearing never in 2 years” And that is probably the most accurate statement I’ve heard. Now every time I catch myself saying I would never wear… I hear this in my head and challenge myself to at least give it a shot.



Let me start by saying that overalls have been my enemy since I started dictating my own outfit (basically 3 yrs old). I’ve never found them flattering to the body or style. But of course being that they are in style at the moment, designers have created various styles, silhouettes, and patterns. Being as open as I possibly can to fashion, it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the bandwagon.


I fell in love with these dark denim flares I am wearing because the elongate my not very long legs but there are also comfortable because of the added stretch in the fabric. And trust me I researched and tried on a hundred before finding a convincing pair.


But the biggest fashion faux pas we all grew up knowing is “Never mix prints”. ONE! You only get to choose one. Combined with solid colors if wanted. Let me set the record straight this is not a faux pas, only a myth. Combining prints is my newest obsession (aside from layering) because it immediately makes the outfit 10x more interesting. There is a trick though…



When combining prints the key is to pick 1 feature in common. In this case I choose the black line squared design. My blouse in a smaller pattern and added color find here, and this sick long vest from SANCTUARY makes the perfect bold addition to the outfit.


Topped with my favorites ILLESTEVA shades in blue and done!



-Never have I ever-

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