Either it’s on your checklist or you’ve already crossed it off, but spring cleaning is a must. I typically perform a “spring cleaning” every season or so, but mainly what this means to me is a time to shop for basics, update them, or reinvent them. Okay this is an exciting time for me, I’m one of those. But seriously, find the fun in it and you’ll be cleaning out your closet more often. In this post I’m talking about some of this summer’s must have pieces.


Now, I know I’ve mentioned before I love looking for versatile pieces I can wear in at least 3 different ways. It’s  good rule of thumb I always follow when I go shopping. Of course the first thing on my list is white. Truly one of my favorite colors in clothing and I’m not afraid to wear year round. I have a large selection of whites in my closet and it’s only growing. Once a classic always a classic!

-White Culottes-

-White Culottes-

I’ve also talked about the hottest pant for the season… Culottes! So it’s not a surprise a pair of whites (like these) would be on the top of my list. With it’s popularity finding a good one is fairly easy, but the tough part is finding a good fit for you. Culottes should not be below your ankles and should be well fitted around your hips and loose right below in an A shape. Remember, when in doubt always find a good tailor. The wrong fit can ruin your entire outfit. They say only the tall and lean can pull off this look but I call BS! With a good tailored piece anyone can pull these off.  Tell me I can’t  and I’ll still wear them and prove you all wrong. I’m only 5’4 and I wear them freely and confidently.


-White Culottes-

Another item I’m about to turn it’s bad rep around are white shoes. I hear everything from “they’re nurse shoes” to ” they look cheap and tacky” and I’m calling double BS on that. The whole white sneakers trend is sky rocketing in sales right now, so if any shoe would look like a nurse shoe it’s the sneaker and it’s as chic as it can get. I mean, sales don’t lie and you’re probably looking down at the white sneakers you’re wearing right now. Am I right? The other reason I’m totally digging about white shoes or heels is that they’re good contrast to the skin without the color. It’s almost like a statement shoe and neutral at the same time. Wear it with a colorful outfit or an all white monochromatic for a fresh summer look.


-Statement Coat-

-Statement Coats-

Andddd…. Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn’t mean I’m giving up on outerwear yet. I’ve had this light statement coat since last year and I haven’t found a better time to wear than right now. I’ve picked out a few pieces that are so transitional light and practically useful year round. (well, depends where on the map you find yourself) Wear over your shoulders as oppose to the sleeves on you arms to keep cooler and instantly more chic. Here a few outerwear statement pieces that can add interest to your classics. I like this one or this one too! Make sure to top of your look with a good pair of shades, nothing speaks more summer than that. And of course…jewelry! Gold preferably when wearing white.



-Spring/Summer Classics-

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