Can I just start this post with some wise words from the Biebs, “Is is too late to say sorry?”

I want to apologize for being MIA the last few weeks, and explain myself. Blogging is a hobby, something I do strictly for pleasure and a platform of memories. That being said, my full time job is as an assistant buyer for women’s shoes. And although the majority of the time I’m calculating and looking at numbers, I also get to wear my fashion thinking cap when looking at future purchases.

-Truly Ney-

Last month I took a trip to Dallas to work directly with designers and vendors and review next year’s collections. And although I took a whole form this trip, researching and learning about fashion is 24/7 for me. This is where my job and blogging go hand in hand.

In this post I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite trends for next summer. Granted, these aren’t the only trends you’ll be seeing, I chose the ones that stood out the most and thought it be worth the investment if you will. I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I like to be conscious of a trends’ life cycle to determine how much I’m willing to spend if I’m willing to spend at all.

-Blush Nudes-Blush Nude- Load your closet with blushing neutral pieces. For the next summer, blush translates into the neutral palettes and chosen for a monochromatic impact overall. This is your new basic tone and the number one color for SS17.



Knots- Knots are slowly becoming more apparent this year staring in fall apparel and are forecasted to be an even bigger hit next year as it makes its appearance on footwear as well. The slide evolves into a more ladylike item through a knotted upper construction. For the summer, the focus is on a relaxed leather or satin knot that has a soft but casual look on a flat sandal base.



Grommet- Following season after season of restrained minimalism, feature hardware makes an impact. Faithful studwork is in favor of eyelets, buckles and orb-like decorations. Oversized proportions, generous applications and bold placements combine for a wholly contemporary look.

These are a few trends you might already be seeing at the moment and might possibly transition into fall/winter season as well. This way you know your knotted slides will still be on trend next year or you’ll know to choose the blush tone handbag as oppose to the tan.



-Spring/Summer 17 trends-

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