Okay, so the jumpsuit is basically the ultimate resort outfit, we know that. But what about culottes? The roomy feel gives it a cool look as well as the feel, so why not both?

-Culotte Jumpsuit-


Last weekend, we decided a getaway was much needed and Palm Springs it was. Not gonna lie, I bought this cute one piece from Anthropologie  a while ago, that I’ve been looking for an occasion to wear. I knew the Palm Springs’ weather, especially the Parker hotel’s scene, would compliment my outfit perfectly. So yes, I basically I match the location to me outfit. Shoot me!

-Straw Hats-

-Culotte Jumpsuit-

-Sailor Jumpsuit-

The thing about this jumpsuit that I love so much is not only is it on trend, but it’s versatile and cool. I’m very into the convenience of an outfit. I like to be able to wear it in many ways on many occasions but mostly, I like to be very cautious of the fabric. Palm Springs’ weather is very similar to Phoenix, dry but hot. Over the years I found that it’s not about exposing skin to keep cool, but rather choosing cool fabrics to wear.

-Resort Style-


This adorable striped jumpsuit was like love at first sight and when I learned it’s 100% cotton, I committed to it. Cotton make it not stick on your skin or loose the shape when it stretches. Not to mention the culotte silhouette is light and breezy. Which brings me to my next point. Culottes made a big comeback last year and it’s here to stay. As a matter of fact Who What Wear named it the coolest pants of the season. Checkout their ready to wear styles here.


-Summer Hats-

To top off my sailor/resort/nautical maybe even French Riviera look, I added a good summer straw hat (also for convenience) to keep my face some-what safe from the sun. It’s a win win, and that’s kind of how I roll. And as I mentioned on my previous post this tassel necklace is perfect for almost any summer outfit. Just a good accessory to finish the look and I’ve been wearing it everywhere. I can prove it here.

-Sailor Jumpsuit-

-Culotte Jumpsuit-

SO you see, I was very excited when I found this sailor stripe jumpsuit. Quick note, the size runs a bit small so being short torso like me the fit was perfect but if you’re on the longer side of a torso, you might want to try a size up. Either way, I highly suggest you invest in a culotte jumpsuit this season. I’m thinking this would make a great outfit for a July 4th barbecue. Thoughts?




-Culotte Jumpsuit-

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