The Shoulder top- worn 3 different ways.

Okay, let’s talk about the T-shirt that is soo extra! The padded shoulder top is everywhere and I’m all about it. Here’s how I’m wearing it, 3 different ways. Dress it up with leather. I love leather pieces in any color or silhouette. I’m currently obsessed with my new Commando legging because they are just […]

-Casual day Uniform-

Seems like as the days go by the days become busier. In order to get through the day and make the most out of my time I’ve learned to schedule and organize better and that includes my outfits as well.  I’ve been on a routine lately of getting all my errands and  side job done […]

-The Grand Canyon-

How pathetic does an Arizonian sound when they say they’ve never been to the Grand Canyon? Thankfully I can’t say I’ve never been there but I might as well be. I had only there once for a brief 10 minutes on a very cold windy day and had no pictures to prove my visit. In […]